How To Design A Loft Style Bathroom In A Converted Industrial Building

Few homes bring forth the exquisite beauty of industrial style like old factory and warehouse conversions for a loft style bathroom.

Forgotten and worn out warehouses and factories can be crafted into loft style apartments and multi-level homes with a hint of city magic.


Loft style bathroom design

The delicate and feminine shape of the bath blends beautifully against the raw natural materials of the building.


Loft Style Bathroom


Converting a former industrial building into a more domestic and homely setting takes some careful planning.  Our loft style bathroom design schemes focus on the creative, aesthetic and the historic value we can add to the renovation or conversion: weaving sophistication and elements of distinct industrial flair that ultimately pay tribute to the rich past of the building.

The space you want to create into a bathroom may have beautiful exposed brick walls and plumbing fixtures.  Large glass windows with black steel frames and décor that complements the vintage aura of the bathroom space.  Whatever the style we can help you create an exceptional bathroom with that unique touch.


Customised options for a loft style bathroom

Elegant, functional and versatile bathroom design. Modules and accessories (cubes, columns and coloured metals) can be combined and customised to make the best use of the space available.


When we receive a brief to ‘elegantly blend the classic factory features with the flowing aesthetics of a modern home’ there are of course many technical and design-oriented points to consider!  We need to understand who the primary users are of the bathrooms and how the clients intend to use the space.  Whether they’re a young professional individual or couple, a modern family and so on.  We also need to establish their bucket list of needs and wants – from a functional and a design perspective.

Understanding the useability of a bathroom space is imperative to being able to find the best and right tailor-made solution for the client/s.  How the space is used on busy working days and for relaxation. How a bathroom is used by an individual, a couple, a family will all be different.  Each scenerio will have its own unique requirements.


loft style bathroom design with exposed brick work

Loft style bathroom design with beautifully exposed brick walls. Elegantly blending the factory features with the flowing aesthetics of a modern home.


Extensive Storage Possibilities


The level of bathroom storage requirement will differ for each individual.  Some clients require extensive storage possibilities including adequate makeup space.  We assist clients with solutions to beautifully personalise their space with various compartments, integrated sockets, tissue holders etc., and organising the space of their cabinets with internal fittings and accessories.



Make up table for loft style bathroom

Simple and elegant foldable make-up table with integrated mirror and side LED lighting.


Lighting Concept


When it comes to the lighting design of your loft style bathroom there are many things to consider.  Its not just the lighting fixtures and product design that needs to be right.

The lighting design needs to be carefully considered to ensure the right amount of natural light and integrated lighting work together harmoniously.

A bathroom lighting concept that creates a pleasant atmosphere whilst delivering the brightness necessary for day to day activities, for example the application of makeup; will need to be well planned.

A  sophisticated lighting control system can be incorporated into the bathroom design with integrated strip lights and spotlights to create the perfect mood in accordance with the user’s personal preference.  They can be operated in line with the various scenarios or set to adjust themselves automatically.


Lighting concept for loftstyle bathrooms

Mirror with side OLED and washbasin LED light. Made using ecofriendly materials, it is corrosion and moisture resistant. The OLED lamp offers a solution which lights evenly and is glare free, making it ideal for make up.


The mirror may be fitted with side LED lighting and the cabinets may have an internal lighting system commanded by a sensor.  The lighting effect will be different throughout the day and all eventualities need to be considered for use at different times of the day.

The bathroom should be a flexible space where the mood can be easily changed to create a more spa-like ambience should you wish.  Lighting is the best way to achieve this.  A low-level light that comes on with a movement sensor can give the room a soft glow.  An illuminated mirror is useful and a sensor on/off switch offers easy control for all ages.

Lighting considerations may be different dependant on whether you have floor to ceiling windows or a skylight with a less exposed snug.

In windowless rooms in particular, light is vital and connects with our senses on various levels.  LED technology opens up new possibilities.


Pendant light for loftstyle bathrooms

Crafted glass cylinder pendant light with high-tech cooler and high power LED. The glass evenly emits a strong but dazzlefree light and creates an element of surprise with its multitude of magical gas bubbles that look like the’re rising in clear water.


Ceiling mounted light for loftstyle bathrooms

Installed like a stalactite directly on the ceiling and without cables. It can be mounted as a single object or as a cluster using standard or bespoke ceiling brackets.


Lighting fixtures of course are also a vital element in any space.

Innovative lights are an elegant way to dress up rooms, provide illumination, increase the functionality and appeal of modern interiors.

Well-lit interiors are not just attractive but contemporary, comfortable and stylish.


Lighting concept for loft style bathroom design

Family Bath Solutions

It can take careful planning to design a loft style bathroom that works hard for all family members.  The space needs an element of flexibility, especially with young children, and needs to offer a safe and relaxing environment.

If you feel tempted to skip incorporating a bath into the design, then don’t!  Small kids need a bath and when coming to sell the property buyers like to be given the option.


loft style bath with storage.

A family master loft style bathroom with integrated storage solutions.


The bath design needs to be thought about carefully as hauling young children in and out of certain bath types can prove tiresome.

Incorporating the right storage solutions into the bathroom design will help create a sense of calm!

You may consider opting for a bath with a resting shelf, an adjoined toweling rail which runs around part of the bath, a bath with plenty of built in shelving as a side or corner unit, or with a wooden bench attached to the  bath. These options offer sophisticated and integrated storage solutions which keep necessities within reach yet help to provide a clutter free space.


bathtub with shelving and storage for loftstyle bathrooms

A bathtub with a corner unit. A superb solution for accessible shelving and storage in a family bathroom. The material has a tactile and uniquely soft and light reflecting effect.


Freestanding oval bath with integrated shelving. An elegant and iconic solution for a loft style bathroom.


Another way to help maintain a clutter free bathroom is by ensuring bath surrounds are deep enough to take the inevitable clutter they will collect.  This may not sound glamorous but believe me this can be achieved in a stylish and sleek way with the right products!


Bathtub solution for loftstyle bathrooms.

This recessed bath is a solution which enables you to have everything at your fingertips for making everyday bathing easy and relaxing. The bath can be installed wherever you want: in the center of the room, semi recessed or recessed under the floor. Different accessories can be added to the bathtub such as a storage tray or Touch command to control the chromotherapy or airpool system and ozone therapy for a relaxing whirlpool.


Finally, if you have a hand-held shower around the bath area to hose kids down then think about opting for a thermostatic shower to reduce the risk of scalding.  Temperature regulators can also be fitted to the taps.

Various bath options can be incorporated beautifully into a family loft style bathroom with the right element of space planning and consideration of material use and storage integration.



Bathtub feature for loftstyle bathrooms

A sculptural bathtub with a unique shape which looks stunning as a feature in a loft style bathroom.  Made from a material which guarantees quality and durability. It is recyclable, anti-yellowing, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.


Distinct Industrial Flair


When it comes to the ‘style’ brief of your loft style bathroom design you may want to consider giving it a distinct industrial flair, a vintage aura or a combination of modern elegance and traditional elements; which can all work beautifully alongside original features when designed well.


loft style bathroom design

Incorporating elements of distinct industrial flair into a loft style bathroom design.


loft style bathroom design

Beautiful polished concrete walls add superb industrial flair into a loft style bathroom design.


Loft style bathroom design

Incorporating elements of distinct industrial flair into a loft style bathroom design.



Loft style bathroom

A touch of vintage aura can work beautifully alongside original features in a loft style bathroom.


Achieving a desired and unique look means being able to strike a balance between sophistication of product and material experimentation.

Consider using rough materials for a textured look and leaving pipes visible.

For the walls the subtle textures of polished concrete, visible bricks or reclaimed wood panels on the walls could look stunning.

Consider putting modern sanitary with vintage furniture or modern furniture with vintage sanitary.



loft style bathroom design

Concrete effect porcelain wall and floor tiles give this loft style bathroom design a raw and natural industrial edge


loft style bathroom design

Decorative reclaimed wood wall panels giving a beautifully natural edge to a loft style bathroom design.


Achieving A ‘Soft’ Industrial Look

If you’re looking to achieve more of a ‘soft’ industrial look, taking the edge off the harsh industrial feel, you may want to consider adding more rounded shapes.  Introducing softer and more tactile materials will make the complete look feel cosier and more comfortable.


Loft style bathroom textures and materials

Beautiful material and textural combination with an industrial edge for a loft style bathroom design.


Materials such as wood, copper piping and concrete all look superb incorporated into a loft style bathroom design scheme.  These can be supplemented by limestone and a brighter colour palette to tone the raw industrial look down.


Wellness Solutions


Bespoke modular wellness solutions can be beautifully built into a loft style bathroom, whatever the space.

For smaller spaces a steam generator can be incorporated into the shower area for a steam shower experience.

Modular sauna pods are an option that can add to that sense of full relaxation.


Wellness modular system for loftstyle bathrooms

A wellness modular system perfect for loftstyle bathrooms combining cabinets, washbasins, shower trays, drawers, recessed and freestanding bathtubs and panelling. Incorporating hydromassage and chromotherapy for a full wellness experience.


loft style bathroom

By moving slats the shower becomes a bathtub. Slats can be stored in the box / step slats holder on on the special boiserie slats holder.


Bathroom design trends in 2019 are heading towards achieving elegantly simple clutter free spaces with straight lines and geometric shapes and beautiful detail of soft curves.

The use of natural materials, textures and designs that mimic nature will ensure that the bathroom harmonises eco-friendly design and décor, ultimately achieving spaces that are inviting, welcoming and which ooze warmth.

Incorporating reclaimed wood with all its captivating imperfections can work beautifully.  Wood is warm and cosy and there is always a natural desire to bring wood in to balance the glamorous shine of metals and create more comfort, especially in open living spaces.

A bespoke vanity made using reclaimed wood alongside cast resin and metals can be introduced to create a unique space in a loft style bathroom.


Loft style bathroom and reclaimed wood vanity

Introducing natural materials such as this reclaimed wood vanity into a loft style bathroom adds warmth alongside the industrial edge of the studded wall tiles, exposed pipes and hammered copper washbasin.


The combination of a natural stone (bath), metal accents (brassware, claw feet, exposed plumbing), wood (parquet wood flooring) blended with elements of glass and leather (basin or bath covering and vintage leather chairs) are stunning when creating a nature-inspired decorative theme with an industrial vibe.


minimalistic loft style bathroom design

A modular and versatile solution for a loft style bathroom with a plain and minimalistic design.




Achieving a comfortable blend of the functionality, subtle textures and beautiful details is the key.  Adding glossy elements to metal, stone, ceramic and glass tiles will add luxurious shine and make smaller bathrooms look spaciously chic.



For the walls think about introducing patterned or brick style tiles around the shower area.  Metallic hammered effect glass mosaics and metallic studded wall tiles ooze industrial style as does a textured polished concrete finish.


loft style bathroom design

These beautiful copper glass wall tiles with a hammered effect look superb as a feature in a loft style bathroom design.


Traditional Homes


Components of the industrial look can be effectively incorporated into a loft style bathroom in traditional homes too.  A more traditionally shaped bath with vibrant metal claw feet finished in chrome or oil rubbed bronze to match the brassware can work beautifully to achieve a more traditional look but still with an industrial vibe.  Patterned or brick tiles around the shower area can also help to create a more traditional feel but still with that all important industrial edge.

Pedestal sinks are also effective in maintaining a sense of traditional design with some industrial flair.  The basin is streamlined which fits in with the minimalism of a loft style room and the metal fittings / plumbing.



Open Plan


If it’s a sleek open plan look you want to achieve then you could start by removing the adjoining wall between the bedroom and bathroom to make the sleeping and bathing areas feel like a complete space.  If this solution is not for you then you could always incorporate panels into the space as separators to create an open plan bathroom and relaxing lounge like area.


We offer freestanding or wall mounted vanity solutions for maximum functional versatility in a range of finishes including veneer or clay lacquered as seen in this loft style bathroom design.


Geometry is a fresh and creative way to add visual interest and delight to the interior design of a loft style bathroom design.  Innovative applications of retro modern patterns, geometric designs and 3D effects on walls, floors and furniture adds unique accents and a stylish perspective to interiors.  Polygons blending with 3D designs create spectacular surfaces and add volume, depth and style to contemporary interiors.

Achieving colour contrasts that are soft and pleasant, positive and energising is the key.  You may want to consider mixing some subtle pastel shades and warm yellow shades to a room.  They can work harmoniously when blended with light and dark brown shades of natural wood.  Neutral grey colour tones can offer delicate and elegant design ideas that accentuate modern interiors.  To personalise a bathroom space try adding touches of smoky pastels of blue, berry red and green hues.


Bath for loft style bathroom

A freestanding bathtub an washbasin inspired by the language of industrial objects. A beautiful addition to a loft style bathroom.


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