Ideas For Designing A Hotel-Inspired Master Bedroom Ensuite In Your Home

We would like to share with you tips for creating a master bedroom ensuite in your own home, inspired by stylish hotel suites.  Read on for ideas!


Master bedroom ensuite

A hotel style open plan layout connecting the master bedroom ensuite.


When it comes to the design and supply of a luxury bathroom, the wish list of our clients in terms of space and spec is consistently large and high!

However, we are increasingly seeing the influence of hotel design in our clients commissions.  Their desire is to create a seamless extension between the master bedroom and the bathroom area.

A hotel style open plan layout connecting the master bedroom ensuite is increasingly being added to our clients wish list as standard. Swanky guest suites have shown them the full design possibilities and they want to recreate their experience of a boutique hotel inspired design in their own home.


Interconnecting the master bedroom and ensuite

This master bedroom ensuite design has been influenced by a swanky boutique hotel suite.




When it comes to planning the layout, the key is to create a visual divide between the master bedroom and ensuite, keeping the space light and spacious.

Designing a walk-through area with a line of sight between the two requires some smart planning to allow for the right amount of exposure.

Instead of having a bath positioned directly in the bedroom which allows for little privacy, a line of sight will allow for a conversation between someone in the bath and someone in the bedroom, maintaining that social connection.


Master bedroom ensuite design

Create a visual divide between the master bedroom and ensuite, keeping the space light and spacious.


Each of Exto’s bathroom projects is unique and therefore individual to the client.

We take careful consideration of the lifestyle of our clients and how they plan to use the space.  Allowing for minimal disturbance is a priority to the design of these areas.  One of our tips would be to incorporate a door from the master bedroom ensuite back onto the hallway so that one person can get up, use the bathroom, get dressed and leave without having to go back into the bedroom.


Interconnecting the master bedroom and ensuite

Design tip: incorporate a door from the master bedroom ensuite back onto the hallway to allow for minimal disturbance.





A cleverly designed walk through area between the spaces will allow natural light to be ‘borrowed’ from the bedroom area.


Master bedroom ensuite

A walk through area between the spaces will allow natural light to filter through.


Integrating glass walls into the design of the master bedroom ensuite will also help to let light filter through to create an airy look.


Master bedroom ensuite

Using a glass wall system will help create a light and airy design.


Skylights are another beautifully effective way of allowing the user to bathe in natural light.


Master bedroom ensuite and relaxation zone

Skylights allow a space to be bathed in natural light like this one incorporated into the design of an ensuite and relaxation zone.


Skylight in master bedroom ensuite

Skylights create a beautiful space bathed in natural light.


Including a window in the shower or steam room area will also allow light to flood inside.  Having a view of nature helps to aid relaxation and provide calm for a complete wellness experience.


Steam room in an master bedroom ensuite

Natural light and a view of nature in this bespoke steam room aids relaxation providing a calming sanctuary for the user.


Bespoke steam room as part of a master bedroom ensuite

Create a light and airy relaxation zone with one of our bespoke steam room designs.


Other important considerations for the master bedroom ensuite design are to include proper task lighting by the basin or make up area as well as softer background lighting.


Lighting in the master bedroom ensuite

This integrated LED lit mirror provides task lighting by the basin area.


Consider the use of soft lighting in the bathroom for use at night time as well as dimmer lighting for minimal disturbance during the night.


Lighting for master bedroom ensuite

Lighting design considerations for the master bedroom ensuite for use during the day and night.



Getting the LED lighting right in a home steam room or sauna is another very important aspect of bathroom lighting design that should be carefully factored in.  Having the right level of lighting in the right areas will again enhance the overall wellness experience.


Home steam room as part of a master bedroom suite

Consider integrating different layers of LED lighting into your home sauna as part of a master bedroom ensuite design.


Sauna as part of the master bedroom ensuite

Integrate lighting with different mood settings into your home sauna design.


Bespoke home sauna as part of a master bedroom ensuite

This bespoke home sauna has been incorporated into this beautiful skyline apartment to replicate the client’s swanky hotel suite experience.




Whatever style and look you want to achieve – glam art deco, iconic black and white, raw and organic luxury or sleek contemporary – the use of high quality materials with a focus on craftsmanship, beautifully tactile textures, patterns and meticulous attention to detail is a must for a seamless and luxurious design.


Master bedroom ensuite

Beautifully iconic black and white master bedroom ensuite design.


Master bedroom ensuite design.

Nature inspired master bedroom ensuite using beautifully textured organic materials.


Master bedroom ensuite

A sleek and contemporary master bedroom ensuite with plenty of hidden storage.


Incorporating metallic brassware and accessories into the master bedroom ensuite design with a lovely soft satin gold, bronze, copper or nickel finish, will add a touch of high-end sophistication.  Dependant on the style and design you may want to match this look with the shower /  glass frames.


Master bedroom suite design

The soft copper frames on this clever glass system beautifully match the brassware in this master bedroom ensuite design.


Master bedroom ensuite

The gold shower frames beautifully complement the marble surfaces.


Incorporating a beautifully crafted French style vanity and complementing it with a gilded mirror adds a luxurious ‘Ritz’ style appeal to a master bedroom ensuite.


Vanity for a master bedroom ensuite

Beautifully crafted bathroom furniture with carved and gilded detail and marquetry inlay adds a ‘Ritz’ style appeal to any master bedroom ensuite design.


Mirror for master bedroom ensuite

Beautifully carved and gilded mirror for a bespoke master bedroom ensuite design.


If you want to create a nature inspired bathroom sanctuary try using organic materials such as raw and polished wood for a bath, a vanity unit or washbasin and superbly textured timber look porcelain tiles to add warmth and texture.

Beautifully authentic shades of wood and level of knot detail are available to match a variety of interiors.


Bath in master bedroom ensuite

Sail away in this beautiful vessel which is comfortable, warm and deep. The perfect bath to include in a luxury nature inspired master bedroom ensuite.


Timber look porcelain tiles for a master bedroom ensuite

Recreate the magic of a natural setting with these authentic and superbly textured timber look porcelain tiles.


You may want to consider waterproof wallpaper systems.  A beautifully versatile solution for the shower area or as a feature wall to add a touch of uniqueness.  Decorative wall solutions can be very effective when used on the adjoining master bedroom ensuite wall such as in these examples:


Decorative wall solution for master bedroom ensuite

Decorative wall solutions to create a striking visual partition between the master bedroom and ensuite.






Exto’s signature style can be seen in the way that we effortlessly weave wellness with luxury.

We are seeing an increase in requests for bespoke home steam showers for master bedroom ensuites.  Our steam generators are stylish, lightweight and compact and can be fitted to any shower or Hammam environment to make a luxurious home spa.

We offer fully made-to-measure designs to perfectly fit any space.  Customised solutions and comforts include  light therapy, aromatherapy, built-in benches, LED lighting, sound systems in a choice of material finishing to perfectly enhance the design of the bathroom and the wellness experience of the user.

The innovative technology of our products give the user maximum control over steam quality, density and hygiene.  The air ventilation system minimises temperature layering inside the cubicle.


Steam room for master bedroom ensuite

Our stylish, lightweight and compact steam generators complete with colour and aromatherapy can be fitted to any home shower including made-to-measure designs for master bedroom ensuites.


Steam room in a master bedroom ensuite

This home steam room represents the true essence of the traditional hammam with its material beauty and resistance of marble. The spring is clad in top quality marble complete with a copper-finish steel bowl. and the steam generator which is built into the column offers superb performance. A luxurious addition to a master bedroom ensuite.




There are many effective ways to zone the master bedroom ensuite areas.

You may want to use a discreet partition or even a half wall.  A central column, with perhaps built-in wardrobes one side and basins the other, will define the zones and let in light, while still retaining an open-plan look. Placing the headboard against one side, so your bed is facing away from the bathroom is another option.

Our clients are increasingly wanting to replicate elements of luxury hotel design in their own homes.

Using luxury materials and textures as already discussed goes some way towards achieving this, but an increasingly specified material is glass.   By eliminating the dividing walls and allowing the spaces to communicate with each other through glass walls not only makes the rooms more cohesive and harmonious, but creates a seamless connection between them.


Glass walls for master bedroom ensuite

Use glass walls to help the spaces communicate with each other. This ultimately makes the rooms more cohesive and harmonious and creates a seamless connection between them.


Using a glass system / walls in combination with light colours helps to create a bright and open design letting light filter in to create an airy look.

This is an aspect high up on many of our clients wish lists.  Glass enclosed areas and ensuite showers eliminate the barriers between the spaces.



It is possible to create very dynamic structures made almost entirely of glass, creating volume and bouncing daylight around the space.

One of the most popular solutions we are seeing with our clients is to have the master bedroom situated with a glass enclosed ensuite.  Transparent glass is also the perfect material to help achieve a seamless transition between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom, with the shower being encased in floor-to-ceiling glass panels.


Glass system in a master bedroom ensuite

This design concept with the shower on one side and the toilet and washbasin on the other is a beautiful and effective way of using glass to separate the areas in a master bedroom ensuite and replicates the look of a stylish hotel suite.


This type of customised construction is also being specified as a solution more and more by hotel clients, a solution that can be thoughtfully transferred into a luxury residential master bedroom ensuite as discussed above.

It gives design teams the flexibility to configure the design in a large number of ways.  The height can be designed according to the height of the room and ceiling fixing is not required, therefore making it suitable for varied architectural situations.




Achieving a unified design theme in a master bedroom ensuite, while minimizing the barriers and separators between the bathroom and bedroom, is an increasingly popular avenue in luxury modern home design.

Do you want your master bathroom and master bedroom to be more open, more unified, and more complete: naturally flowing from the bedroom into the other spaces?  Or do you want to mark separate areas within the room?

Achieving a continuous scheme as well as defining the different areas requires some smart planning to get right, in order to create a seamless design with subtle nuances between zones.

You can achieve a subtle separation of areas by opting for different materials and textures to separate the bedroom from the dressing area and bathroom.

Choosing a continuous flooring scheme that runs throughout will give the different zones a more cohesive look, a seamless transition between the areas much like that achieved by the outside-in concept of design.


Flooring in a master bedroom ensuite

A continuous flooring scheme gives the different zones a cohesive look.


Alternatively, you may want to consider adding a physical indication that the “zones” are changing from bedroom to bathroom such as a transitional tile design at the bathroom.


Flooring in a master bedroom ensuite

Adding a transitional tile design gives a physical indication that the “zones” are changing from bedroom to bathroom.


Achieving a complementary design scheme in a master bedroom ensuite means showing some coordination either in terms of type of material used, colour schemes or decorative accents.


Materials for continuous design in the master bedroom ensuite

The use of natural organic materials in the bedroom and ensuite areas gives the design a continuous and cohesive look.


Many aspects need to be considered when designing a continuous scheme – colour, textures, textural surfaces, maybe suggestions of organic raw design using natural materials throughout as above.

Visual references using subtle nuances of repetition to unify the design can be explored through wall décor, art, frames, wall lighting and material use as will opting for a continuous flooring scheme.

Perhaps you’d like to feel closer to nature when you’re taking a shower, in which case you should consider using materials like stone and wood. Try a combination of materials and make sure you use the contrasts to your advantage, to create a unique design. You could have stone or river stones on the floor and use wood as a decorative feature.


Living wall in master bedroom ensuite

Master bedroom ensuite with a living wall in a penthouse apartment creates a tranquil and serene look.


Perhaps you have a classic French style bedroom  and want to create a marbled bathroom with built in refined cabinetry to continue the charm of the design. Perhaps you have opted for a black and white iconic master bedroom design where you want elements of glam to be carried over into the design of the ensuite as below:


Master bedroom ensuite

espoke cabinetry and glam touches in this iconic master bedroom ensuite suggest boutique hotel refinement and luxury.




Smartly incorporating the right design solutions into a master bedroom ensuite and adding luxurious features will not only make things more comfortable but will add value to a home.


Master bedroom ensuite

Using luxurious features in the design of a master bedroom ensuite will add value to a home.


Property developers too are embracing open and flexible layouts for a master bedroom ensuite which offer private sanctuaries to include a sleeping space, living space, dressing room and ensuite bathroom.

An ensuite in at least one bedroom is considered the norm in the design of any new build and more renovators are prepared to sacrifice a box bedroom to create the space to fit in a hotel-style suite.



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