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Return to the organic, to the natural and to the unalterable search of new and functional with nature inspired bathroom design.  Super clean colours, powerful curves, dynamic round shapes, seamless lines and practical and a simple arrangement of space create a balanced environment.

A natural material that brings back the domain of nature into our homes is undoubtedly wood.  The clean and fresh texture brings a luxurious touch to any bathroom design.

Everything from Scandi-design influences to the trend for natural materials has driven the popularity of the use of wood in bathrooms as has its versatility; with pale woods creating a light, airy look, knotted and gnarled wood bringing a rustic feel and darker tones used in combination with other elegant materials to add a shot of drama.

The rich tactile sensations of stone surfaces, wood warmth and other natural materials play a decisive role in beautiful organic bathroom design.

Cork as a natural material is rivalling other products not only in terms of design flexibility and performance, but also durability and sustainability.

The nobility of stone, the warmth of the wood against the shine of ceramic tiles all adds texture to sleek bathroom furniture and freestanding bathtubs to compose a stylish and contemporary ambiance.

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