Product Solutions for Small Bathrooms

solution for small bathrooms

A fully integrated solution for small bathrooms


Our clients – interior designers, architects & contractors, often ask us if we can come up with design concepts for small bathrooms.

We can indeed provide solutions for bathrooms with limited space: a system of integrated appliances with flexible applications for small bathrooms for hospitality and residential projects.


solution for small bathrooms

A flexible system for small bathroom residential and hospitality design projects.


Two modular benches mean you can position them to fit your space: place them in a linear fashion or in an L-shape in the corner.

One wall mounted ‘floating’ bench incorporates a washbasin and a deep clothes washbasin. This can be installed above the L-shaped benches in any position or can be suspended on the wall.

The other bench features a ceramic toilet and bidet topped by a large cover in solid wood slats or a white finish, which when not in use creates additional seating.

A beautifully workable solution for small bathrooms.



Solution for small bathrooms

Linear design with solid wood slatted cover on the toilet and bidet bench.


Solution for small bathrooms

An L-shaped bathroom design. An integrated solution to fit the individual space. White finish toilet and bidet cover.


The toilet can be positioned on the right or the left with a suspended drawer container, which besides hiding the technical parts underneath, creates a very handy element in small bathrooms, for containing towels and other things useful to have to hand.


Storage for small bathrooms

The suspended drawer container is a handy storage addition for towels and other bathroom necessities.


solutions for small bathrooms

An integrated storage solution for small bathroom design.


An innovative system for small bathrooms which when combined creates a continuous surface and a seamless integration of all the bathroom elements.

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