Why Your Bar & Restaurant Needs Instagrammable Bathrooms

Does your bar & restaurant have instagrammable bathrooms?


Call them what you want but instagrammable bathrooms, loos, and powder rooms are fast evolving beyond basics to the next level.

Hospitality venue owners & designers: are you onboard?

If you’ve never considered the place of the bathroom selfie in the marketing of your bar or restaurant, now’s definitely a good time.

Popular culture and the rise of the selfie has changed the bathroom experience.

You need to create an element of surprise and set a mood that is exciting for your potential patrons.  You want to leave them busting to try them out.


Clos Maggiore instagrammable bathrooms

Beautifully romantic Clos Maggiore @clos_maggiore is filled with monochrome and marble. The perfect place to powder your nose.


To ensure you’re up there with the crème de la crème of the bar and restaurant scene make your bathrooms and powder rooms visually seducable selfie spots.  Leave your guests reaching for their lippy, turning up the pose volume and pouting for the best shot.

A great shot can equate into positive social sharing; an invaluable tool to have in the marketing of any hospitality business.

As owners of bars and restaurants, it’s important to never underestimate the benefits of what well-designed and Instagrammable bathrooms may bring.  Invest in creating loos that are coherent with your bar or restaurant design; loos that steal the show, offering your patrons every opportunity to create a great snap.

French-inspired Instagrammable bathrooms

Le Gavroche’s design has not changed since it opened 50 years ago, but the French restaurant proved its avant-garde when it came to designing a photogenic toilet. 

Francophiles will drool over the array of antique hand mirrors arranged on the white marble walls, and the over-the-top gold-framed mirrors are so Belle Epoque.

Creamy walls and herringbone-tiled floors balance out the drama of the wall hangings to make for one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagrammable bathrooms.

Find out more on Vogue UK


La Gavroche Instagrammable bathrooms

B3 Designers @b3designers were asked to redesign the ladies washrooms at La Gavroche, to be in keeping with the overall design of the classic French restaurant. Traditional with some feminine touches to ensure it fit in coherently with the rest of the restaurant.

Instagrammable bathrooms: a brand differentiator


In the age of Instagram a really good restaurant or bar experience has to go beyond good food and service. It’s nothing new providing delicious food and great customer service.

You will need one or several unique features that will make your venue stand out and memorable in the eye of the patron.

What better way to set the scene for your patrons photograph than to create a bathroom with your own bar or restaurant personalised identity?

A branded image, if impressive enough, that may be seen and shared at any moment.  This may be just the competitive advantage you are looking for.

Bathrooms can provide a sense of privacy and intimacy; places where we can shamelessly photograph ourselves.

In many cases the setting and design of the bathrooms are just as important in portraying how we want the world to see us, our lifestyle, the bars and restaurants we frequent, our social world.  There are even guides of where the most interesting and glitziest bathroom selfies can be taken in London.


Mari Vanna Russian restaurant bathroom

Via @refinery29 Via @_noteventherain Imagine yourself in luxurious St. Petersburg amid the ornate mirrors and hand-painted tiles of this eclectic eastern European restaurant @marivannalondon



The Hoxton instagrammable bathrooms

Via @aranka.world Bang on-trend and extremely Instagrammable bathrooms at The Hoxton @thehoxtonhotel complete with chevron tiles, porthole mirrors, Victorian sinks and Cowshed toiletries @cowshed



The Mandrake Hotel Instagrammable bathrooms

Via @britishvogue Modern and minimalist doesn’t always mean boring, and The Mandrake Hotel @themandrakehotel bathroom proves it. Floating somewhere between a utopian bath house and a museum display, the dimly lit room with substantial vessels we once knew as sinks offers a glorious backdrop for a moody post.


Even when we ignore the politics of bathrooms, tiny rooms that contain our most primal anxieties and where debates about gender identity continue to play out in the media, toilets are unique as sites of extreme and glittering intimacy.  No wonder then that they have become stage sets for Instagram!

A shift happened when after Anna Wintour’s selfie ban at last year’s Met Gala, when the impossibility of abiding by such a frankly mad law sent celebrities trotting with their phones to the bathroom and Instagram was awash with a menu of stars, pouting in the mirror and models smoking louchely on the tiled floor.

There are many factors that affect a bar or restaurants ambience including dynamic/vibrant interiors and picture-perfect lighting that doesn’t and shouldn’t stop at the bathroom doors.


Instagrammable bathroom at Nopi

Via @bookatable The bathrooms @nopi_restaurant in London are a work of dazzling art. You may have trouble upon both entry and escape from these labyrinthine mirror lavatories, like a nostalgic Hall of Mirrors.


Whether a girly powder room, a womby boudoir, a maximalist jungle scene with erotic wallpaper, monochrome cells with tiles that tessellate oddly when drunk (Iberica in Leeds) or a mind-bending hall of mirrors (Yotam Ottolenghi’s Nopi in London or Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield), where a single selfie goes on for miles; creating the right mood lighting for guests to perfect their reflection and set the scene for glamorising those selfies is imperative – ultimately creating picture perfect Instagrammable bathrooms.


Instagrammable bathrooms at African restaurant

Via @bookatable Shaka Zulu @shakazululondon has earned its stripes in the exotic khazi stakes with a Zebra-zapped world of glorious toilet heaven.


Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, creator of “glow”, was hired to ensure the bathroom at London club Annabel’s, with its flowered ceiling and vaginal colour palette, was the optimal space for applying, then documenting, your makeup.

She added lighting dials, for guests to perfect their reflection, and it worked – after washing their hands. Women gather nightly, hand on hip, in a space built for photographs as much as hygiene.

Read more on the Guardian – Decoding the power of the bathroom selfie

While bathrooms have always been the places where we bond and lounge and rebuild ourselves with new layers of bronzer, now they are being designed with the performance of femininity in mind.


Instagrammable bathrooms at Annabels Mayfair

A floral phantasia and eminently Instagrammable ladies power room at Annabel’s restaurant @annabelsmayfair in London. Photograph: James McDonald @james_mcdonald_photography. Full millennial pink style, inclusive of pink stone basins, marble and doorframes, pink flowers covering the ceiling and even pink lighting fixtures – a design experience in itself.


Annabel’s powder room also features a decadent printed pink flower wallpaper and opulent golden swan faucets. It’s a truly amazing design to experience for yourself – @Marylou_Sobel_interior_design


Instagrammable bathrooms – Leading the way


So many bars, restaurants and hotels are setting the precedence with the stunning design of their bathrooms.

Isabel, Mayfair include images of their very Instagrammable bathrooms in the gallery area amidst images of delicious looking food, sophisticated cocktails and stunning table settings.

They, like so many other establishments value the design of their bathrooms offering patrons spaces that delight, indulge and titillate their senses.

They want to create a talking point where details of the bathroom experience are mentioned in the same breath as the quality of the food and the vibe of the place.


Instagrammable bathrooms at Isabel Mayfair

@IsabelMayfair offers an individualised bathroom experience that’s more like checking into a room. Each boudoir has its own unique De Gournay hand-painted wallpaper along with other exquisite touches @elluminate_me.


@britishvogue describes it as Casa Cruz’s fashionable little sister, Isabel. Juan Santa Cruz’s restaurant offers an individualised bathroom experience.

Each stall – or room, rather – has its own unique De Gournay hand-painted wallpaper.


Instagrammable bathrooms at Isabel

A truly individualised bathroom experience @isabelmayfair


If you have stunning country or city skyline views from the bathroom, another way to create a glorious backdrop is to ensure the space is well-planned and the placement of products accentuates the beauty of the bathroom as well as enhances its surroundings.


Instagrammable bathrooms with a view

City Social’s bathroom @citysocial_t42 on the 24th floor of Tower 42 is sleek and modern, sure, but the vanity tables against the window allow you to reapply lipstick while enjoying one of the best views in London.



Instagrammable bathrooms with a view

@bokanlondon The men get a view from the urinal, while the girls get to take in London’s skyline whilst washing their hands. Instagrammable bathrooms with a seriously smart backdrop.


instagrammable bathroom

Via @refinery29 Gilded mirrors, chevroned walls and, of course, one of the best views the capital has to offer make this top floor bathroom at Aviary in London @aviaryldn an extremely luxurious looking selfie spot.


Instagrammable bathrooms with views

Via @bookatable Aqua Shard @aquashard wins the prize in the stakes for adrenaline-fuelled toilet highs. You can take in the spectacular London skyline with these city-slicking powder rooms 31 floors up, surrounded by 180-degree London views.


Is your bar or restaurant bathroom instagrammable ready?


Is your bar or restaurant a perfectly designed setting for a luxurious Instagrammable bathroom image?

Now may be the time to make yours one of the most photographed bars or restaurants in your location, with a personalised identity and a story to tell.

When a toilet selfie goes viral it really needs to be for the right reasons!

The importance of good bathroom interior design in Instagrammable bathrooms was made evident when user Paula Sophia Garcia Epsino posted a photo sitting on her aunt’s bathroom counter in Mexico.

The internet paused to marvel, briefly, not at her tiny shorts, but at the boggling placing of a toilet roll holder across the room from the toilet.  Each person imagined their inevitable waddle!  The distant toilet roll holder is not a mistake many interior designers will make in future, having learned – through the millions of likes under hashtags such as Young’s – the importance of an Instagrammable bathroom, including a well-placed toilet roll holder.

So whether your bathroom design is charming, chic, a little cheeky, make it worth pulling the camera out for.

Stalk the Instagram likes of restaurant and bar loos and one thing they have in common is that they have been thoughtfully styled with calculated hedonism in mind.

If you want a stand-out and personalised brand image then it needs to flow through the whole bar or restaurant and coherently enter the bathrooms in the most prettiest, outlandish, straight-up kitsch, luxurious, chicest way that will best represent your brand image.

Here are some more of our favourite bar, restaurant and hotel bathrooms, many of which are destinations in themselves!


Instagrammable bathrooms at Sketch

The bathrooms @sketchlondon are extremely modern, and completely white except for the rainbow tiled ceiling. But this obvious inconsistency isn’t even what makes it so great. The best part, is that the stalls are pods. Giant egg like white pods. Step inside to do your business, and emerge like a dragon from an egg. @britishVogue recently named it as one of the most instagrammable bathrooms in London “You can’t go to Sketch without visiting its world-famous pod stalls, where the bright white light and rainbow tiled ceilings make for the perfect photo-op.”


Instagrammable bathrooms

There are giant trees, neon signs, pink floral walls and these magnificent jungle toilets @restaurant_ours. Oh and I hear the food is pretty good, too.


Instagrammable bathrooms

Beautifully instagrammable bathrooms @restaurant_ours


Instagrammable bathrooms

Via @londonrevealed You won’t take a more decadent picture in any London restaurant than you will in these toilets @parkchinois. Gold swans, marble and bold wallpaper, this is possibly the fanciest throne in all of the city.


Thoughtfully designed and coherently designed bar and restaurant bathrooms suggest positive things to patrons – that it takes customers and their experience seriously and that it wants them to relax, enjoy and return.

Transforming your bathrooms into relaxing havens with a touch of a luxurious spa retreat, can help alleviate people’s stresses and influence their bar or restaurant experience.

As people create their own home bathroom sanctuaries, their standards rise dramatically when they go out to bars and restaurants and so do their expectations for better bathroom experiences wherever and whenever they go to spend money.  As a bar or restaurant owner, you have a vested interest in a relaxed customer who will spend more time in your environment.

Beautifully designed bathrooms are an ultimate sign of hospitality.

They signal that you welcome your patrons and want them to be comfortable.  They can also play a role in increasing the level of engagement with your bar or restaurant and in creating a compelling topic for conversation with other people.  This all leads to positive reviews, word of mouth and credibility.  Not to mention social exposure of your bar or restaurant through the design of your smart Instagrammable bathrooms.

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